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Who’s the ‘AL‘ in AL Sportswear?
“I always read our beautiful story with emotion even though I know it by heart. Everything comes back to life : when I was coaching Cynthia, our ‘troubles’ with our ugly brown show jackets, our emerging complicity and much much more! I hope people visiting the website will, like myself, completely fall in love with our company full of talent and love.”
Alexandra Ledermann aka THE ‘AL’ in AL Sportswear & French Olympic Medalist.

ze Big Kahuna: CYNthia luck

Cynthia Luck

AL Sportswear Management Team

Cynthia Luck

Cynthia Luck
Founder & Director

Cynthia is the founder, designer and driving force behind the company and the brand. She imagines, creates and designs 95% of our products.

Her ‘Why’:

At first, it was to be able to wear the clothes she really loves, and that made her feel good. Today, she designs fashion-forward clothes to make women look and feel their best on horseback and every day, as well as innovative equipment for their horses.


Her Passions:

Horses, active living (she NEVER stops), good food, her family and especially her adorable daughter!

Claude Luck

Claude Luck
FINANCE & Logistics

THE man in the house! Claude looks after everything associated with numbers and logistics. He is also the creator of our beautiful stands at the events we attend. 

His ‘Why’:

After having managed a large company, he decided to join Cynthia in a new adventure. He has been involved ever since and never looked back! 


His Passions:

Dark chocolate, punctuality (don’t mess with that…) and everything that is eatable in general but especially chocolate…

Alexandra Ledermann

Alexandra Ledermann
Captain & Olympic Medalist

Alexandra is the name behind our brand. As she rides every day, she puts our clothes to the test in extreme conditions to ensure your comfort and elegance.

Her ‘Why’:

She not only shares with Cynthia a passion for horses but also for challenges and diligence. Always keen to experience life in new ways, and after having fun at the Olympic Games and in the video game industry, she took on the equestrian fashion industry!


Her Passions:

Animals, the need for speed, nature.

Claudia Luck-Rodriguez

Claudia Luck-Rodriguez

Claudia is in charge of the marketing strategy, our development in France and internationally and our website. Based in Sydney, Australia.

Her ‘Why’:

After having worked for large companiesin Marketing, she joined Cynthia at the end of 2016 to help her develop the brand and get involved in the family adventure (she was the only one missing!).


Her Passions:

Travelling, nature, animals, everything that involves Nutella and her Maltese terrier Enzo.

Martine Luck

Martine Luck
customer relations

Martine is in charge of customer relations. She is also a specialist in style and body shape consulting – she has a very good eye and just knows what will suit you when you walk in!

Her ‘Why’:

Because she loves to exchange with other people and to help. She lives for these moments and sees the beauty and elegance in each and every one of us.


Her Passions:

Her family, animals, the sun & the sea, interior design, chestnut cream.

Our story & what drives us to be different

Mathieu Laveau Cynthia Luck Alexandra Ledermann Photo Laurentides Jump

Alexandra Ledermann with Cynthia Luck, Mathieu Laveau and their daughter Myla.


In 2007, Cynthia Luck – director and founder of the brand – was training with Olympic rider Alexandra Ledermann to improve her show jumping technique. A beautiful friendship was born from this experience.

Cynthia, passionate about horse riding and fashion, and Alexandra, the champion, discover that they have very similar expectations and the same taste when it comes to fashion.

Both are looking for clothes that are beautiful, feminine, smart, and comfortable. They need to be of high quality to resist the riding hours as well as the elements. And to make things even more interesting, they also need to be made with technical materials that are easy to maintain.

The offer on the market at the time did not meet their expectations… either the design is nice but the quality or comfort is just not there, or the materials used seem perfect but the style is way too masculine with a basic cut, not at all adapted to women’s curves (the ‘potato bag’ look well known by riders!!). Or if there was a feminine style, it would be ‘bling’ for them and not elegant enough, not to mention the quality-price ratio… Moreover, Cynthia is a dynamic and active woman like many of you, and she wanted clothes that she could wear during the day (at the office, in class, to go out etc.) while being elegant and go straight to the stables without having to change… except for the boots!

Alexandra Ledermann et Cynthia Luck 2018Alexandra Ledermann & Cynthia Luck (2018)

That’s how in 2008, after many all-nighters on the subject, Alexandra and Cynthia started an incredible adventure that will shake the French equestrian fashion world by launching their brand to meet their super high expectations:

Alexandra Ledermann Sportswear or AL Sportswear was born.   

Since 2008, our brand has continued to evolve and grow thanks to you, our loyal customers whom we love and listen to.

We offer a wide choice of women’s outfits created to enhance the different body shapes, which can be worn both on horseback and in the city. We have also developed a line specifically dedicated to the needs of men: « ALui ».

And to equip your beautiful horses, you will find a range of items in great colours and materials. Style and elegance for the whole family!

And get ready for more surprises in the near future!


ALSportswear is first and foremost a family business based in Strasbourg, Alsace, France.

Cynthia Luck is the manager, she imagines, creates and designs 95% of the products we sell. Alexandra Ledermann is our ‘captain’ and works with Cynthia on a regular basis.

Our team is mostly composed of women who test the products for weeks: on horseback, in boxes, in town, at parties etc. before they are made available for sale. Cynthia’s partner, Mathieu Laveau (picture above), is a professional rider (French Pro 1 Champion in ShowJumping multiple times) and our products are regularly being tested in his professional stables.

We want to make sure we like all the items we sell. It has already happened that we give up on a product that was great as a prototype but the final product did not meet the team’s expectations.

We do everything in our power to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase. Far from the big multinationals, we are a small team with many talents, driven by the same passion: to shake things up and offer you a choice of garments in which you will feel and be at your best.

Our philosophy: create unique designs that will enhance women’s curves so they can feel beautiful and confident whatever is thrown at them. How? By applying our know-how, our experience and your feedback to create unique garments with quality fabrics and essential details.

And we are always here for you. You can contact us via email or phone if you have any questions about an item, size, style, cut or need advice about anything. Our team will be happy to help you. For 10 years now, some of us have been starting early in the morning, others finishing much later at night. We love, live and breathe the AL Sportswear brand every single day.

That’s why our team is our strength. And this for the sole purpose of bringing you complete satisfaction with our products and your AL Sportswear experience.



At ALSportswear our mission is to create high quality, stylish and high-performance clothing to make you feel great and beautiful on horseback and in the city, whatever your body shape.

We bring you chic and unique French designs, combined with durable technical materials for exceptional comfort.

This is why our tagline is ‘Elegance & Performance’, it is our DNA. There is a real search for quality and style in all our pieces.

Our goal is for you to feel great and beautiful while you’re working hard riding your horse or focusing in the office or in class.

It is already mission accomplished for our loyal customers. They’re simply amazing and share their experience with our brand here. Many thanks to them!

This is what pushes us to continue innovating.

They have chosen us to be elegant both at the stables and in the city. They have a passion for horses, fashion, life and are not afraid to be themselves.

When you buy an AL Sportswear item, you invest in a quality product with the guarantee of wearing top-of-the-range materials with unique cuts which will show off your silhouette.

Our customer service is always happy to help you pick a size, a fabric or a style if you have any doubt!


Our goal is to reveal the beauty of your silhouette through our unique cuts and fabrics. It is possible to erase the small body’s ‘imperfections’ – as the modern world calls it – even though, as women, we believe that our imperfections make us unique and perfectly beautiful. That’s why we create for each type of body shape and size. You can find out what body shape you are and learn more in our MorphoGuide.

It’s no coincidence that our breeches are renowned for making bums look great…… their sheathing and shaping design has been thought and tested for months before seeing the day! It sounds simple but it is far from easy to accomplish, and we are proud to be able to achieve it. That’s why you can wear them on horseback but also in the city with heels!

Collection after collection, we imagine, create, design and test our product lines to enhance women’s silhouettes so you can feel at your best.

We are riders passionate about fashion and we know the issues women face when it comes to clothes in the equestrian world. That’s how we can offer real solutions to solve them.

Our clothes have unique designs, underlined with smart and feminine details, but are also practical because that’s what we want as busy active women.

For example, you will find most of our shirts have the ‘Easy Iron’ technology which means you don’t have to waste time ironing (we know we don’t like it!), we strategically added hidden buttons at chest level so you don’t have to worry about your underwear being seen in public (yep), or some fabrics we use simply don’t show your ‘sparkles’ at unwanted spots (read: perspiration)…

We push ourselves to bring to market products with classic and technical fabrics that will make you feel great and look great, whatever you’re body shape.


When you invest in our brand, you invest in our design, our quality and you support the entrepreneurial spirit of our family business.

We test our products for weeks and under all conditions before making them available to you, in order to be 100% sure that they will satisfy you.

Our quality means that you will have garments which last and stay elegant for a long time. The fabrics and materials used are expensive and our creative process is complex.

However, we want our brand to remain affordable. You will notice that the quality of our articles is top of the range, although our prices remain very competitive.

See what our clients have to say on our testimonials page here. AL Sportswear clothes and equipment are time and wash resistant (colors, materials, elasticity, cut etc) if, of course, they are properly taken care of.

Some of our items are more delicate than others – if they contain lace, for example, don’t pull them violently and just put them in a lingerie net to prevent a Velcro, buckle or anything else from tearing the lace. We encourage you to check the care advice on our website for each product. If you have any doubt or a question, please send us an email.

As a general rule, AL Sportswear garments should be washed at 30 degrees (Celsius) maximum in a washing machine without pre-washing by adding a cold-active laundry detergent and left to dry on a hanger (do not tumble dry). It is always better not to use fabric softener as it can reduce or even eliminate the elasticity of some products.

We always do our best to satisfy our customers, however, please use common sense when wearing or washing our clothes. We are not responsible if you mistreat your purchase by throwing tar or any impossible to remove mixture, if you wash it with items of different colours that can fade or UO (Unidentified Objects) which can tear it, or if you try to force it into a size which is really not yours… just a few (very real) examples.

Alexandra Ledermann et Quiet Love

Photo credits: DClick Agency

Alexandra Ledermann and Cynthia Luck’s friendship and the same taste in clothing have been a real driving force behind the creation and development of the AL Sportswear brand.

The world-famous French showjumping rider, internationally known for her exceptional sports career, was born and raised in Normandy. Her parents were professional riders and owned stables. She naturally followed in their footsteps.

Seeing them win competitions made her want to learn showjumping. A discipline she quickly adopted, being a fan of strong sensations and speed!

She competed for the first time in international pony competitions at the young age of 11. Then she joined the French Junior Team, then the Young Riders Team (with a team Gold Medal in 1989) and finally the Seniors Team until 2012.

In 1999, she became the first woman in equestrian history to win the Gold Medal at the European Championships in Hickstead, which she considers her greatest victory with Rochet M. The individual Bronze Medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games also had a great impact on her career, as did the 1992 Paris-Bercy World Cup, which she won with her little mare Punition.

With many victories under her saddle, Alexandra is now looking for a horse with whom she’ll conquer new heights. Perhaps it will be Requiem de Talma, the horse that has recently enabled her to return to the international level, or one of the young horses she is currently training in her stable?

Here are a few words she shared with us for riders who’d like to improve their show jumping techniques:

“Amateur riders who want to improve must be really motivated, persevering and working hard. They must be demanding with themselves, know how to question themselves, and remain humble. They must always seek to understand and improve, and finally, more than anything else, be particularly attentive to the well-being and health of their horses. Then, the chance to meet an excellent horse one day will do the rest and perhaps allow them to reach the top level! “

For more info on Alexandra Ledermann’s career, visit her official website: http://www.alexandra-ledermann.com/reelle/

Alexandra Ledermann Requiem

Photo credits: DClick Agency


A woman with a strong personality, independent, courageous, modern, confident, who loves fashion but also the classics. She’s always pushing her limits. She is elegant in all circumstances, whether the elements are with her or not. She has style on the horse and off the horse, may it be at work, in class or going out. She likes to look good. She wears AL Sportswear with confidence because it makes her feel great and feminine without being over the top… she prefers class and sobriety. Is it you?

Alexandra Ledermann Sportswear logo

Cynthia and Alexandra wanted it to breathe the energy and beauty of the horse, but also their passion for this sport and the love of their designs. They imagined a symbol rich in meaning.

You may have noticed that the initials AL are crowned with a ‘flaming mane’ in movement. It represents the magnificent emblem of the horse, its mane which flies in the wind, symbol of freedom, or the Indian headdress with magical virtues.

It symbolizes the fire of the passion that we have for this sport which is like no other. The only individual sport which is practised as a duo…